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Generations of Ving Tsun


Ving Tsun (pronounced Wing Chun) Kung Fu is a popular Chinese martial art made famous by Yip Man (Ip Man) and his student Bruce Lee. The art has been passed down from the Shaolin Kung Fu era through generations of masters that have preserved and refined Ving Tsun for modern day use. The core concepts of the system are designed for a smaller person to defend themselves against a larger more aggressive opponent. This is achieved through rigorous study of the open hand forms, partner drills, and intense conditioning workouts. Anyone can learn Ving Tsun, sign up today to start your journey.


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Great Wing Chun-Kung Fu taught by great people, direct from the Moy Yat-Moy Tung lineage. The environment is ideal for learning this beautiful art; peaceful and welcoming, yet you are always challenged and enlightened. Looking forward to growing my practice here!

Exceptional atmosphere. Genuine and real Kung Fu. Enjoying the training, family atmosphere and workshop immensely, well worth the trip from Detroit.
— Randy Hargraves

I can say without a doubt that my life is better for studying ving tsun. Both the mental and physical aspects of training have boosted my confidence and helped me discover reserves within myself that I had no idea existed. It’s the best!

Authentic kung fu training along a direct lineage from Wing Chun herself. Conveniently located in Denver’s Golden Triangle.
— Ed MAA

I’ve trained at Denver Kung Fu for four years now. I have an irregular schedule, so it’s great that a lot of the training is self-guided. If you’re looking for a calm environment where you can study this art of subtle detail, strength, and relaxation, then look no further. Our school is a place of mutual respect and individual responsibility. I recommend Ving Tsun to anyone seeking a method of self-defense that fosters physical and psychological growth.
— Eleanor Perry-Smith

Kung Fu Training


The Ving Tsun (wing chun) Kung Fu system for martial arts training was designed to train human beings to fight efficiently and effectively. It does not require size or strength, making it good for anyone, and ideal for those of smaller stature, including women and kids. Training in the Ving Tsun system, under a qualified sifu (teacher), enables practitioners to overcome attackers that are larger, stronger, faster and more experienced.



About The Teacher

Sifu Ely

Sifu Ely started training Ving Tsun in Iowa City, IA under Moy Yat Tung in 1999. In 2010 he began instructing and continued studying at the Detroit Kung Fu Academy in Michigan. Ely is now the official Sifu (teacher) at Denver Kung Fu and is an active member of Moy Yat Tungs inner circle as well as a MY4 student of Grandmaster Moy Tung.

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“Tools Of Ving Tsun”

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